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There’s nothing more beautiful than witnessing a random act of kindness. Nothing makes my heart smile more than seeing an exchange of a good deed between complete strangers, or even people who know each other.

This is a little reminder that it’s really the simple things in life that matter and mean the most. Being kind doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a dime. It’s simply one heart opening up in love (and without condition or expectation) and looking to extend the endless string of kindness.

Yes, life is cluttered with all sorts of challenges, and issues that are at the best of times beyond our control… but that should not detract from our core function of being kind and loving toward each other.

Kindness doesn’t always have to come wrapped up in a ribbon or pretty packaged box. It’s the little things:

• A smile

• A hug Sharing a meal

• Dropping off a meal at a shelter

• A shoulder to lean on

• Making time to listen to someone in distress

• Paying for someone’s parking ticket without them knowing

• Paying for someone’s meal without them knowing

• Stopping in the middle of your day to ask a colleague, friend how he/she is doing – and really listening to that unspoken cry for help

• Dropping off a meal, a little treat or sitting and listening to those less fortunate

• Playing with kids at an orphanage

• Reading to the pensioners in an old age home

• Running an errand for a pensioner

• Dropping off flowers or chocolates to random patients in hospital

• Signing up to assist a charity during a fundraising drive

• Writing little notes of encouragement for random people and your tribe and dropping them off (without them knowing)

• Sending a voice note to let someone know that you are thinking of and thinking/praying for them The list can go on and on because the need for sowing seeds of kindness never ends.

I don’t believe for one minute that we are so “busy” or caught up in our own lives that we can’t see the dire need for spreading kindness now more than ever. Some people are in pain (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) and one seed of kindness can make all the difference in the world.

Let us never grow weary of reaching out and caring… it’s the right (humane) thing to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this… now get going… start sprinkling those seeds of kindness wherever the road leads you…