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Christmas is a season of renewed hope, joy, peace and unconditional love and these are the very seeds that the ladies from Yataghan Foundation, sowed recently. The team took to the streets of Durban to spread some festive cheer with less fortunate children and their parents.

Leader of Yataghan Foundation, Karen Wallace, said: “It’s our privilege and an honour to be able to reach out to those in need. Sharing a meal and a special treat with children who are ordinarily ‘forgotten’ at this time of the year is priceless. The hugs, the big smiles and the general excitement on their little faces is heart-warming.”

She added: “The stories the world over is full of doom and gloom; and while it’s easy to be caught up in that negativity, there is hope. For as long as we have the grace to go out and be a beacon of hope and love, our team will continue to serve the people of Durban and wherever there’s a need.”

Wallace and her team take to the streets of Durban almost every weekend to share a meal and an encouraging word with those who have no shelter. Their mandate is very clear – pay it forward, one meal and one moment at a time with unconditional love.

As you celebrate with your family and friends this Christmas, pause for a moment and consider reaching out to those in need. After all, this is a time for caring, sharing and giving… unconditionally!