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Earlier this year, I witnessed two people exchange vows before God and family in an intimate ceremony. It was the most beautiful, lump-in-throat wedding I’ve ever attended, and mainly because it was my baby brother Jarryd.

Gosh, it was just the other day that he was a toddler and now, thanks to God’s grace he is all grown and has matured into a responsible, young man. Witnessing him and Taslyn (or should I say Mrs Kast, as she loves telling us) exchange vows before God reminded me that while this might be 2019, and people prefer to “shack it up”, the sanctity of marriage still remains relevant and ever so important.

Forget the actual event for a second because that is not the focal point. It’s the firm foundation (read: God) and ultimate reason for this union that many appear to be overlooking these days.

Marriage is and should always be securely cemented on one thing and one thing alone – the Sovereign God whose unending love and teachings stand the test of time. Yes, love, commitment, devotion, honesty, trust and all those other things are important… after God has confirmed and established that two people should enter into the covenant of marriage.

The sanctity of marriage remains relevant…

It wasn’t long after we celebrated Jarryd and Taslyn’s *big* day, that I received news from two friends who will also be walking down the aisle later this year. The two are super thrilled and can’t wait to pronounce their love before God, family and friends. But, like my one friend pointed out that more than anything, they see their weddings as a reminder of God’s faithfulness in their respective lives. And that what He has predestined… joined together, nothing and no one can derail. (These two friends have the most amazing testimony and is a post for another day).

I’d like to encourage someone out there today, don’t be moved by your situation and hold onto the promise that God’s perfect plan always manifests at the appointed time. Any preconceived ideas or plans we might have about our lives means zero if it’s outside of the will of God.

For anyone who is married, feels challenged and as though you can’t go on then get on your knees and pray. Strong unions and solid families overflowing with love, kindness, compassion and all round goodness is what this world needs.

So fight. Fight through prayer (and fasting if need be) for your spouse and your family. There’s never been a more relevant time for us to pray for the preservation of the sanctity of marriage and restoration of families like right now… all for God’s glory.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx