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This year started off in a way I could never have imagined. A trip to Brisbane (I left a piece of my heart there) for two weeks, gave me such great clarity and insight on a both a personal and professional level.

Brisbane was everything and more – see the pictures below. The people were warm, kind, supportive and oh so friendly. And the sight-seeing made me feel like Alice in Wonderland.

 I must confess that I reluctantly boarded my flight back… there’s an undeniable vibe about Brisbane that’s so hard to ignore or describe. You have to experience it.

Maybe one day, my suitcase will find itself on that side of the world, but, for now…

 Back to the point of this post.

I’m the kind of person who always overthinks every single thing and has a plan. Even a plan B or C (just in case). Well, 2017 has shown me that all the best paid plans in the world mean absolutely nothing, when something or someone has run its course in your life, let it go…

Holding on longer than we ought to will cause you unnecessary pain and frustration.

  • Know when to reflect.
  • Know when to take the lessons.
  • Know when to close the chapter.
  • Know when to close the book.
  • Know when to let go.

And just step away.

  • Step away from that place.
  • Step away from that situation.
  • Step away from that person(s).

If these last few weeks have taught me anything, taking a step of faith can be daunting but oh so liberating… Proverbs 3:5. You owe it to yourself to put YOU first; and never ever settle.

Thank you for taking the time read.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx