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The day started out like any other. There was one exception; my brother and sister were in charge and adamant that the rules below needed to be adhered to:

* No cellphones
* No talk about work
* No time checks
* Just be in the moment

We spent the day at Mangwanani Day Spa to unwind, relax and bond like siblings should. They also told me in no uncertain terms that I’m “way too serious and need to lighten up”.

I’m glad I listened…

At the end, my body, mind and spirit were completely rejuvenated and I was a happy camper.

Every. Single. Moment. Was. Treasured.

It’s important to step away from the rat race of life and be good to yourself.

I hope you will choose to make time for YOU!

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous & favoured xxx