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This post came about as a result of me watching Manchester United in action. The boys in red bring out the best and worst in me.

That’s *my* team and I am prone to coaching from the couch. After a brief scream from having witnessed a missed goal, I then wondered about my future husband and wondered about him…

Dear Future Husband,

I must concede from the get go that I can’t wait for that moment when I finally get to say, wow, this was so worth the wait.

You see, through all the tears and frustration of “waiting”, I know that our union is more than the happy ever after chapter. Our union is more than having a significant other, the exchange and expression of true love and memories created; we have a Divine purpose to fulfill.

That Divine plan can only unfold and be realised through grace, open hearts, unwavering faith and a deep commitment to walk boldly and in complete obedience. I know that we have much to do as individuals and as a couple; and that thought excites me.

Have I mentioned that I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you?!

I pray for you daily and smile with appreciation at the fact that God has you secured safely in the palm of His hand; waiting for that perfect time.

I often wonder whether we’ve met before…
I often wonder if you’re the one that I’ve been secretly crushing on.
I often wonder if you’re the one that I met on that overcast day in that hospital ward – no words exchanged just a look that spoke volumes, sent my pulse and heart rate to the moon and left me at a complete loss for words.

I guess only time will tell…

And so my love, as I return to the second half of this Manchester United game, I know that our forever is going to be worth the wait.

Till then I hope that you too will keep the faith.

Your one & only,
Future Wife

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxxx

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