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Today I’d like to pay tribute to an amazing young man; a one in a million.

He is wise beyond his years and has played an instrumental role in my life. This young man is none other than my dearest brother, Jarryd Anthony Kast.

What I appreciate the most about him is his:
1. Staunch belief in God

2. Unwavering faith

3. Kindness and compassion

4. Selflessness

5. Integrity and reliability

6. Honesty and strength

7. Wisdom – my voice of reason

8. Courage even in the face of challenges

9. Concern about the well-being of family and total strangers

10. Intelligence and hunger to succeed

11. Passion for life

12. Laugh

13. Sense of humour

14. Patience… even when I choose not to understand

15. Perseverance and determination

16. Ability to reach out to complete strangers

17. Warmth and sincerity

18. Never takes life, family for granted

19. Undeniably BIG heart

20. Sensitivity

21. Forthright approach

No words could possibly describe the appreciation and gratitude I have. Jarryd is without a doubt my best friend.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Stay favoured and fabulous x