It’s the most wonderful time…


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… of the year. Indeed it is a time where family and friends gather to feast on all things festive. But, for some, it’s the loneliest and saddest time too… for various reasons.

As we go through the motions of this holiday season, I would like to encourage us to be more mindful of the next person – whether known or a random stranger. Sharing a simple smile, marshmallow, singing carols or taking the time to listen, will do someone out there a world of good. Even better still, it will reignite a sense of dignity and worth to a soul whose focus is purely embedded in pain.

From me to you… I pray the pure joy, eternal hope and perfect peace that the birth of Jesus Christ offers the world is always stored in your heart and home. May your days be peppered with ladles of love and laughter. Be safe.

Blessings always xox

love and christmas

One minute with…


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Dr Mandy Laing, chiropractor extraordinaire, is an unassuming and gentle soul. Many have benefitted from her holistic approach and I caught up with her recently, to find out more about her profession.

* What gets you out of bed in the morning? Knowing that I’ve been given another day to impact somebody’s life. Whether it be with my job by improving someone’s health, sharing the love of Christ with anyone or possibly even just teaching my son something useful for his life ahead.

* What three words would you use to describe yourself? I am strong-willed, supportive, level-headed.

* How would you describe your day job to a child? I do treatments on peoples’ bodies to help them feel better and be able to live better lives.

* What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional? Starting my own practice after finishing my masters as a single parent.

* What does a typical day look like for you? Chaotic morning school rush. Workout. Work. Errands. Quality time with my son. Cook. Scattered with eating time and prayer.

* What three words would you use to describe your role? Health partner, leader, helper.

* What are some of your professional challenges (if any)? There are many challenges in the chiropractic profession. We’re private primary health care providers, so we are in no way affiliated with the public health care system. This means after our gruelling 6-year course, there are no postings once we qualify. We must find our own way. Some join other practices, some start their own, some don’t even practice as chiropractors. The market is difficult to tackle due to strict regulations and a lack of public education about the profession. Advertising is not allowed, and medical aids provide insufficient funds for their members, while some don’t cover us at all. We are also still viewed as alternative health care; therefore, we are not always taken seriously and often misunderstood by the medical fraternity.

* Do you have a mentor? Unfortunately, not. I had reached out to a lady who had relocated soon after. However, there are many resources available for the purposes of gaining knowledge and learning from the mistakes of others. An informative book can do you a world of good. Chiropractors are also good with sharing knowledge and experiences.

* If you could change one thing about your working environment, what would it be and why? I would love to work near the beach in bigger premises. This will happen soon.

* What do you like most about your job? Objectively observing people’s lives improve in terms of their pain levels, their demeanour and general attitude towards life. A small bit of pain relief for some people is as good as a holiday. I’m just glad I can help their bodies improve functionally.


* What advice would you give to those wanting to get into this field? It’s a great health care system. It’s the healthcare of the future. Chiropractic is growing faster than medicine ever did. There are many out there who’ve never heard of chiropractic. So, the opportunities are limitless. It’s natural and holistic and it improves quality of life. Just make sure you’ve got the drive to succeed.

* When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Almost every week. I’ve got some awesome friends and a son with a deep sense of humour. There’s never a shortage of laughs with us!

* Given a chance, who would you like to be for a day? Trevor Noah! But a Christian version. He’s got a great perspective on life. Very positive outlook that I enjoy.

* What’s your favourite line from a film? “The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude towards the problem…” Jack Sparrow

* What’s your most memorable facepalm moment? Too many to mention!

* What is your guilty pleasure? Anything with caramel.

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Stop. Pause. Press on…


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There are moments when it feels like life is coming at you, fast and hard.
And it’s at these times that you need your faith to be rock solid; and more importantly, you need to be surrounded by fearlessly authentic people.

What you don’t want is a fence-sitter or someone who suffers from delusions of grandeur, on your side.
Be around people whose motives are clean and clear, whose reputations are impeccable and not afraid to stand for the truth. Not their “truth” but the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

To paraphrase Tera Carissa-Hodges, when the lies, slander, backstabbing, plotting and planning happens, don’t lose focus because those intentional acts are all part of the purpose.

Painful as the lessons may be, the “tables have turned”.
Trust the process and trust that God alone still has the final say.

So, if you find yourself at a crossroads, we have a saying here in South Africa – vasbyt.
It simply means, press on… and hold onto Romans 8:28.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx

All you need…

… is contained in this moment.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

You are not defined by your circumstances or people. How people choose to treat you is not for you to analyse or lose sleep over.

You are everything God created you to be and more – beautifully, fearfully made in His image. An image of love, kindness, and service to others.

When you walk on purpose, you are bound to be faced with an obstacle (or two or three) every once in a while.

Stay the course.

Don’t lose focus.

Don’t despair.

Don’t look back.

Don’t look ahead.

Just be… in the moment. And a constant state of thanksgiving and praise!


Love wins the day…


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I woke up with a song in my heart. It’s a golden oldie but the words ring true today, more than ever.

Some of the lyrics: “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love… it’s the only thing, that there’s just too little of…”

The ghastly headlines, the atrocious stories of inhumanity, hurt and hate, and all-round anger seems to be the order of the day. But… why?

Where have we gone wrong?

Why are people triggered so easily?

What is missing?

Can we find our way again?

Can one person make a difference?

These are some of the questions I contemplated.

It appears we lost our way when we lost our ability to love – and when I speak about love, I mean unconditional love.

It appears we are missing that all important fundamental that we are all born with – compassion; having a heart for others.

It appears we have become complacent and happy to focus on our own needs and those within our sphere.

It appears we have taken our eye off the goal – the purpose of walking and serving in love.

It appears that we have allowed ourselves to be swept up in all that is unkind, cruel and selfish.


All is not lost.
We can find our way again, if we choose to look within and allow the seeds of love to spring forth.

I’d like to challenge you.
When life chooses to distort the canvass of (y)our world, I hope you will always choose to sow seeds of love; and not just any love… unconditional love.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx

Feelings and forgiveness…


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We’ve all been in situations (with one or more people) where things went south rather quickly and some sort of disagreement results in a few bruised egos and frazzled feelings.

And normally such situations are not too difficult to handle if it involves strangers – and so forgiveness almost seems effortless. It’s those situations where someone very close – family, friend or folk from church – does something that makes no sense… and forgiveness takes on a whole new meaning.

Such times are designed to either send our emotions into overdrive, and or to rob us of our joy. And it’s usually in these moments, that it’s easy to think the unkindest thoughts about the person(s) who we believe has caused us pain.

Recently, I experienced something that made me feel like my world was tumbling down. And instinctively, I called a friend – because let’s face it – we like to vent before we fall on our knees.
And, it was after I ended that call, that I realised I didn’t have to call because I wasn’t alone… God is always right there with us… even in the height of the storm.

I also thought, as shattered as I was feeling, I’m not God and can’t possibly stand in judgement of any person.
Secondly, what does Luke 6:27, 28 tell us we ought to do when people hurt us:
“But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”

Emotions aside, putting scripture into practice is not a mission impossible. And why do I say this? Because I believe that our default settings are kindness and love and so if we choose them over the anger, bitterness and possibly even a grudge then embracing the concept of forgiveness becomes easier.

Take a moment to think… is there someone who has upset you, someone who you need to forgive and release?

Beloved, love covers a multitude of sins.
This day, let us choose to recommit our lives, our hearts and all that we are to walk in love and kindness…

You’ve come too far…


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Have you ever had one of those seasons where it feels like the walls are caving in?
Like you just can’t go on anymore because your plan has taken a nosedive?

That time you find yourself throwing your hands in the air and yelling, ‘that’s it… I’m done… I’m over all of this.’

Well, I’m here to encourage you.

You can go on.
You will fulfill your purpose.
You will be glad that you held on.

I write this from first hand experience.
Those in my inner circle will attest to the fact that I too have temper tantrum moments… and on occasion through the snot and tears have made some rather ridiculous comments.
Thankfully, His grace trumps it all.

I was reminded recently that at the core of walking in purpose is giving up the right to do things our way.

This reminder was all thanks to an amazing young lady (that’s a blog for another day – an old soul with the biggest heart, full of potential and promise), who (unconsciously) made me realise that it’s easier to take the lessons from the pain and press on.

Don’t fight the process.
As the purpose unfolds, there’s a process running parallel and so instead of walking/working against the grain… just surrender.

We don’t need to know all the details but simply trust implicitly that it’s all going to pan out as it should – Romans 8:28.

When we choose to walk in purpose, our feelings, emotions and self-imposed deadlines take a back seat because it’s **never** about us.

It’s about a bigger plan, all orchestrated by the Master Himself.
A purpose that drives kindness, peace, hope and compassion. A purpose that comes to life when we choose to serve with (unconditional) love.

So… wherever you find yourself in this moment, I pray that you never choose to stop living on purpose… and just trust the process.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay favoured and fabulous xxx

Some things can’t be replaced…


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There is no substitute for thoughtfulness

There is no substitute for kindness

There is no substitute for sincerity

There is no substitute for empathy

There is no substitute for loving

Styles come and go but these fundamentals never go out of fashion and keep us grounded.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx

While you are waiting…


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When I woke up yesterday, I had no idea how my day would pan out. Usually, there’s some sort of “plan”… so if I need to tweak it here and there, it can be done without any hassle.

But, I found myself driving to the beachfront. There’s been tons going on around me – some matters less complicated than others but still enough to rattle the free flow of this thing we call life.

It was only when I pulled up into a parking bay, that it dawned on me that I’m doing something so out of character. I smiled and reminded myself that I’m not a robot and so it’s okay that I get to choose to be present. That it’s okay that I do whatever it is that makes sense to me in that given moment. As long as I’m not inflicting hurt or pain on another, it’s perfectly fine.

It was a beautiful, balmy day in Durban and apart from the odd cyclist, jogger or couple on a walkabout, it was still. The kind of day that felt like it was ready to wrap its arms around my exhausted soul.

The smell of the ocean and soothing sounds of the waves made me feel like this specific piece of paradise was created just for me. I closed my eyes for a few minutes in pure gratitude. And through the salty tears, all I kept hearing was a gentle voice, whispering “be still and know that I am God”.

I smiled.
Looked around.
Smiled again.
In that moment, I knew what that meant.

It was in that moment that I found peace. Again.

Added to this was a fishing rod that I spotted. My eyes were fixed on that rod.
What was it about that fishing rod? It’s not like it was the first time I had ever seen a rod.

In that moment I realised that when we are in a waiting season – or transitional phase – it’s important to stay anchored to our true and Sovereign source of hope and life, God.

If you are reading this, and find yourself in an in-between phase in your life, I’d like to encourage you.

Don’t give up. Don’t you dare contemplate quitting. The tables will turn.

Stay true to your purpose.
Stay true to your core values.
Stay true to living in love and hope.
Stay true to the Rock of your salvation.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

A heart of gold…


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It’s been like forever since I’ve posted. And not for a lack of trying, I must add. My sabbatical (January-December 2017) was nothing that I had envisaged. It was one of the busiest and most fulfilling times. Ever.

I learnt. I cried. I smiled. I sighed. I loved. I lost… but through it all, I experienced and am most thankful for His immeasurable grace upon my life.

I met some of the most amazing people and some not-so-pleasant “characters”. There are lessons I hope to never repeat. Some opened my eyes and left me gasping in utter horror (because there are some things you just don’t expect from human beings…), while others showed me what unconditional love is all about.

In all of the living and learning, there was one person who crept into my heart… almost instantly. It was one of those connections that you know, that you know, it has to be a Divine connection.

In an age where superficiality is the order of the day, it’s so refreshing to find someone who is super real. No mask. No highlight real. Just the core of what an honest, good old fashion, genuine person is all about.

Yes, these precious treasures still exist.

A caring, kind, delightful, witty person. No airs and graces, just a beautiful soul… inside and out. A heart of gold.

It’s the kind of relationship that you want to freeze just so that time can stand still as you savour the moments. Those moments that are filled with frank comments and quirks that leave you holding your sides because you can’t stop laughing. Those moments that you don’t want to end because in that time… you appreciate and cherish the authenticity of an individual like aunty Erica; a 60-something lady whose life experiences are as fascinating as the anecdotes she enjoys sharing.

A few months ago, this was a complete stranger and today, she’s someone I can’t imagine not having in my life. I always look forward to spending time with her and most of all her “Erica-isms” … given the chance she could easily give some of the best stand ups a run for their money. Her chirps are really out of this world, and she’s quick off the mark. And then there’s her vault of wisdom.

I hope you too will get to meet amazing gems like aunty Erica, and when you do, don’t let them go…