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I hope YOU choose to enter the new year, new decade with endless faith, oodles of optimism and most importantly, the right inner circle.

If this last year has taught me anything, boundaries are more critical than you know. Choosing to have boundaries simply means that YOU choose to be surrounded by people who share your outlook, share a similar approach and refuse to compromise core fundamentals – like the truth, honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness and love.

As we chart through various stages of life, we meet so many people along the way. Some of them come into our lives for a reason, season (painful and expensive lessons in some instances) and lifetime.

The key is to discern an individual’s role in your journey; and embrace and accept the role he/she is meant to fulfil for the said period. The fact is that holding on when a reason or season is over brings with it unnecessary frustration, hurt and pain so let go when you ought to.

All relationships should evolve (and dissolve) organically. Period. #youllcatchthatinaminute

With 2019 about to come to an end, let us make a conscious choice to refrain from taking the same “mistakes” into a new decade. There’s still time to do a thorough “spring clean”.

Your choices and decisions should be based on what’s best for YOU.

For your journey.

For your peace of mind.

With a new year. With a new decade. We get to make better choices. We get to put ourselves first. We get to stop pretending. We get to stop keeping up appearances. We get to be the voice that keeps it REAL 24/7.

My wish for you: may YOU never sacrifice your peace of mind and mental health to please anyone. Be true to YOU and always choose to have the courage of your convictions, even if you are standing alone. And never ever allow any person to disrespect you… cut your losses and walk away.

The right people will appreciate and love you unconditionally.

Blessings, love and perfect peace to you, always in 2020!