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… of the year. Indeed it is a time where family and friends gather to feast on all things festive. But, for some, it’s the loneliest and saddest time too… for various reasons.

As we go through the motions of this holiday season, I would like to encourage us to be more mindful of the next person – whether known or a random stranger. Sharing a simple smile, marshmallow, singing carols or taking the time to listen, will do someone out there a world of good. Even better still, it will reignite a sense of dignity and worth to a soul whose focus is purely embedded in pain.

From me to you… I pray the pure joy, eternal hope and perfect peace that the birth of Jesus Christ offers the world is always stored in your heart and home. May your days be peppered with ladles of love and laughter. Be safe.

Blessings always xox

love and christmas