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We’ve all been in situations (with one or more people) where things went south rather quickly and some sort of disagreement results in a few bruised egos and frazzled feelings.

And normally such situations are not too difficult to handle if it involves strangers – and so forgiveness almost seems effortless. It’s those situations where someone very close – family, friend or folk from church – does something that makes no sense… and forgiveness takes on a whole new meaning.

Such times are designed to either send our emotions into overdrive, and or to rob us of our joy. And it’s usually in these moments, that it’s easy to think the unkindest thoughts about the person(s) who we believe has caused us pain.

Recently, I experienced something that made me feel like my world was tumbling down. And instinctively, I called a friend – because let’s face it – we like to vent before we fall on our knees.
And, it was after I ended that call, that I realised I didn’t have to call because I wasn’t alone… God is always right there with us… even in the height of the storm.

I also thought, as shattered as I was feeling, I’m not God and can’t possibly stand in judgement of any person.
Secondly, what does Luke 6:27, 28 tell us we ought to do when people hurt us:
“But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”

Emotions aside, putting scripture into practice is not a mission impossible. And why do I say this? Because I believe that our default settings are kindness and love and so if we choose them over the anger, bitterness and possibly even a grudge then embracing the concept of forgiveness becomes easier.

Take a moment to think… is there someone who has upset you, someone who you need to forgive and release?

Beloved, love covers a multitude of sins.
This day, let us choose to recommit our lives, our hearts and all that we are to walk in love and kindness…