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Earlier today I stumbled upon a business card I picked up while in Perth earlier this year. This was no ordinary card. It belongs to a cab driver turned tour guide for the duration of my stay.

For purposes of this post, let’s call him *Pedro. A soft spoken, unassuming gentleman in his mid-50s.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love talking so it didn’t take me long to start “interviewing” Pedro about his life. I was intrigued by his journey and how he landed up in this part of the world.

I was even more impressed by his knowledge of the city and general global topics. I kid you not, you could bring up any subject and Pedro would be able to offer an opinion, facts, figures and some sort of history. I called him a walking-talking encyclopedia.

I think the thing that struck me the most was the way he spoke about his family – wife and daughter. His face lit up when he told me about the day they met for the first time. The hopeless romantic that I am, Pedro’s story sounded like something out of a fairytale.

The pictures just screamed happiness; and when he shared anecdotes about his daughter or how he still gets to have date night with his wife, it made me realise that some people still appreciate and respect the sanctity of marriage. Hallelujah 🙂

Perth is so pretty. The hot, dry sweltering temperatures aside, it was an unforgettable experience. I would have to say the highlight was the stop at The Margaret River Chocolate Co. Every chocoholic needs to add this to their bucket list. As I stepped in, I felt like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You are spoilt for choice. I wanted something from every shelf but the thought of traipsing half way around the world with a chocolate stash kept me in check.

I also now realise how “Packing for Perth” or “The Australian capital of South Africans in exile” came about. I bumped into quite a few South Africans who couldn’t wait to share about life Down Under.

Not only do I have some fond memories from my time in Perth, I also have a few nuggets from *Pedro. It’s stuff I’ve heard before but somehow… he was on point and because of his PHD in Life, I found myself meditating on these comments during the 17-hour flight back home. And still today.

 For instance, he stated matter-of-factly:

  • “Don’t force anything –  anyone or anything that’s meant for you will appear when the time is right.”
  • “Your authentic self will attract real people and you will never have to second guess their motives.”
  • “Keep your heart open to give and receive love, and never stop being kind.”

As I sit and type this I find myself gazing at my screen for the longest time. The realization that it’s quite liberating when you choose to let things evolve organically.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

 Stay fabulous and favoured xxx