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In this moment, I’m thankful for:

* the grace to see another day

* laughter

*unconditional love

* authentic relationships

* chocolate on demand

* the space I get to call “me time”

* people/ situations who help me realise what I don’t want

* the fact that I choose not to settle

* the fact that I choose who to invite into my personal space

* the realisation that some bridges are meant to be burnt and never walked again

* letting go of someone once their part in your story is over – it’s all about reason, season, lifetime…

* every single lesson (no matter how bitter-sweet) that has gotten me to this point

* being blessed to be a blessing

As I continue to move forth with purpose and determination, let me never for one minute take the gift of each moment or freedom to choose for granted.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx