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I don’t know about you but I’m counting the hours…
I’m still at work trying to finalise the odds and ends, spring clean my office, ensure my new note book and pen is set aside and ready for 2016 (I’m OCD like that), the reality is that all I can think of is Christmas Eve.

You see the memories I have of this time of the year all comes down to this one moment, the one night before the actual day. On Christmas Eve, Mommy Kast is up at the crack of dawn and her action plan gets into gear. Come to think of it, that’s probably where I get my meticulous planning (read: OCD tendencies).

The house is cleaned for the umpteenth time from wall to wall, floors are sparkling and sliding doors are shining so much that you could easily walk through. Yes, it’s that clean. And boy oh boy, let one of us try a trick and take a shortcut, then the lecture begins…

By the afternoon things start to slow down but not until the eggnog is made. At this stage, all I want is peace and quiet (read: a nap) but my sister, Taryn thinks the house is far too quiet and turns on the Christmas carols… from Boney M to Mariah Carey, BoyIIMen, Luther Vandross, the list just goes on. Before we know it, the sing along begins and the trip down memory lane begins…

As evening approaches, the pots and pans come out, and it’s not long before the different aromas waft through the house. Mommy Kast is queen of the kitchen and our role or contribution is to wash the dishes, keep the conversation alive. Just typing this is making my taste buds go into overdrive. I can’t wait to tuck into the Turkey, especially the stuffing (it’s one of those recipes that have been passed down over the years). Or, the prawn curry that somehow just has that Christmas taste.

I must point out that while all three children are quite capable of holding our own in the kitchen, and do offer to help, we’ve come to accept that all cooking will be done by our precious mother. No discussion. No debate.

What I know for sure is that:

Times change…
People come and go…
But family and the traditions we once frowned upon are everything.
Whether it’s the Christmas tree decorated with baubles and tinsel from when we were aged 3, the blinking lights or Tazzy bombs (what my sister calls her gifts to us), they mean more to us with each passing year.

My one Christmas wish, and I’ve had this forever… is that once, just once I am able to experience a white Christmas. On this side of the world, it’s often a blistering summer day. Not that I’m complaining. Some snow would be nice. Just once.

Let me end with this:

“Dear Special Person,
As the minutes tick closer to Christmas Day, my prayer is for you to cherish the peace and goodwill of this significant time. As you gaze toward the sky, may the star remind you of the hope and love we are assured of through Jesus. As your heart delights with sheer gratitude and you share the Wonder and glory of this season (Luke 2:13), let miracles unfold in your life like never before. Appreciate those near and dear to you. Blessings and much love x

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx