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My favourite times of the day is just before sunrise and just before I head off into dream land (like now).

The house is absolutely still and the calm of the night has a reassuring message.
A message that says you are alive, you survived the brutality of life’s curveballs…
You’ve got what it takes to be victorious – thanks to the Cross and all that it represents.

The past few weeks have been surreal. I have had so many “oh-my-hat” kinda moments coupled with immeasurable gratitude.

We live and learn daily – some experiences are more pleasant than others but ultimately everything we endure points back to Romans 8:28.

Whatever position you currently find yourself in, know that it’s time for the tables to turn.
No more delays.
No more frustrations.
No more tactics to throw you off course.

You’ve stood firmly on the Rock and you’ve persevered so now is YOUR time to rise and thrive!

Embrace it and celebrate. There were moments you felt like throwing in the towel, but the Author & Finisher of ALL things made it clear that He’s not done. In fact, He’s just getting started in pouring out His best for you.

Stay centred.
Stay in His presence.
Stay true to your core being.

Let them talk, let them fabricate all sorts of assertions, let them email, let them conference call, for as long as you stay authentic, the truth will come out. Eventually.

Besides, as someone dear to me said, “eagles have no time to concern themselves with the pettiness of chickens.” So, from this moment on, I hope you choose to renew your strength and rise on up where you belong.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous & favoured xxx