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So it’s no secret that I love, love, love books.

Thanks to twitter I stumbled across a specific timeline that had a picture of a book entitled “You Can Hear God”; of course I wanted to know more and then connected with the author, Cristina Cain.
And what an amazing experience…

Have you ever met someone and it feels like you’ve known them your whole life?
You know the kind of person who’s genuine, kind, caring, God-fearing, calls a spade a spade, loving, polite human being… that is Cristina.

In today’s superficial world, it’s refreshing to meet someone truly authentic.
I caught up with Cristina earlier this week to find out more about her book and this is what she had to say:

·How did this book come about?
The book came about from a Supernatural experience I had in 2003…which I speak about in the book.
As I learned about my gifts, God said I would one day do the same for millions of lives, and so the prophecy is now being fulfilled.

·Tell me more about this book – an overview?
It’s about me sharing how I developed an attunement to the voice of God. Growing up with a special gift of prophecy, I later explored ways to incorporate this gift to heal and help others. On my journey, there were stumbling blocks and I share about how we can often be distracted by these (as we continue in our spiritual quest) and how they can thwart how we embrace God and our spiritual progress. My story is one of awareness, submission to God, and discerning how to use your God-given gifts to honor His name.

·Who should read this book?
I would say anyone who has ever desired to hear from God Himself, the churched and un-churched. I especially encourage those who seek out psychics, and mediums, these people hunger for TRUTH, and we know as believers that Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the Life. This book allows both beginner, and mature Christian to learn about the voice of God in a deeper meaningful way.

·Why should they read this book?
You will not have to make endless, unnecessary mistakes by being led of your own understanding. The Voice of God will have you choose the right spouse, career, friends, and lead you into a prosperous life that only he can offer. We have one opportunity to “get it right”. As believers in Christ Jesus, we know there’s no such notion, idea, as reincarnation, so hearing the voice of God will allow us to get it right the first time.

·How did your love of writing come about?
The joy of writing began as I studied Journalism and Broadcasting in college. I had an amazing Professor, a very well respected Poet, who encouraged the writer in me. He made the creative process and fine tuning the grammatical, a marriage. For me that simply made sense and I began to grasp it in a way I never did.

·What book or books have had the most influence on you or your writing style?
There’s not one book in particular. I love a book that I can identify with, and one that gets right to the point, easy to read. So in writing this book, God made it clear to keep it very simplistic, relatable and that’s what makes it enjoyable, yet powerful.

·Can we expect other books from you?
Yes more are on the way, just taking a much needed break. Truly writing takes every fibre of your being, and I’m trying to be replenished, still. I have no desire to put out books just for the sake of it; I must be prompted by the Holy Spirit.

·Any other final comments…
This is a great book, a tool for prophetic children, and for those with prophetic giftings. Also an interesting way to win souls for those who may never enter the four walls called church. Lastly, it’s a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.

P.S This book is available at Amazon, iBook, Barnes & Noble online and in Barnes & Noble stores in Orlando, FL.
For more information visit: http://www.cristinacain.com/store

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous & favoured x

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