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1 November…

I’m not going to state the obvious about how this year has whizzed by. No.

I’d like to get us all thinking about something else.

At the start of each year most of us set out to achieve certain goals. Some are easier to achieve than others and this makes us feel rather chuffed; like well-rounded, disciplined, balanced beings šŸ™‚

As I sat reflecting earlier today, the one nagging question that kept popping up: were your goals in line with God’s will?

Mmmm… let’s see.

I’ll give you some time to chew on that…

If you look back on your 2015 to-do list, how much of it contribute to your purpose driven life?
Are any of your objectives in line with advancing your Kingdom assignment?


I hope that when you sit and reflect about the last 10 months you are satisfied with:

* your personal growth
* your choices for self and others
* your behaviour towards self and others
* your thoughts/words spoken about self and others
* your commitment to your work
* your time spent – on self and others

Over the coming weeks, I’d like to challenge you to be kind to yourself (and others). In a previous post I spoke about choosing the high road… do it. If not for anyone else but for you.

YOU dear reader, are a beautiful, kind, caring, compassionate, wonderful soul with a heart of gold. Your mere existence lights up the world for so many people – you might not know it but it’s true.

Now go out there and make the rest of this year spectacular, because YOU can.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx