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We never stop learning, do we?
That’s what makes our journey all the more enriching.

This optimist is all about second chances and turning the other cheek.
But, I got thinking… and of course bounced it off one of my confidantes: when is enough enough?

Of course I wasn’t surprised by the response: “G, always take the high road. Accept the apology you did not receive and more importantly, know that this is not about you.”


And so, as I continue along my merry way, I shall no longer waste a second on the detestable, impertinent behavior of those who choose to be that way.

Life is too short.

I was reminded of that earlier this month as I stood in a mortuary (the first time ever) and looked at my aunt; may her soul rest in peace. Here was someone with a heart of gold, someone who made such a huge impact on all those who met her. In that moment, all the negativity, toxic behavior and choices (self and others) mean absolutely NOTHING.

It can be over just like that… **claps once**

Reality check.

Unless you are a passive aggressive, narcissistic soul then living a purpose driven life is probably the last thing on your mind. For the rest, go out there and love the people who deserve your love and pray for those who choose otherwise.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx

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