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Don’t waste another moment.

Don’t miss an opportunity to show appreciation and love.

Don’t allow any negative interaction(s) to steal your peace and joy.

We lost a very special aunt earlier today. Our hearts are shattered and our minds are numb. In that moment when we received the news, it felt as though our collective world stood still.

The heartache was tangible and tears flowed freely like the Jordan. Whispers of: “Why? Why her? Why now? It’s not fair…” could be heard.

As someone who always has a Plan A and B, I found myself unable to move or even utter a word. Glued to my seat.

I find myself moving through different emotions.



Incredibly sad.

Losing an amazing person who played a significant part in your childhood is a bitter pill to swallow. The thought of not hearing that hearty laugh or seeing her Colgate smile is hard to digest.

It just seems unfair.

I’m thankful for the times we shared, the fond memories and advice she so eagerly dispensed. I know without a doubt she’s in Heaven and God has certainly welcomed her home with open arms.

For the rest of us, we need oceans of grace to keep going without her. One day at a time…

Thank you for taking the time to read.

P.S Love and appreciate those near and dear to you!

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