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Over the last few days, almost every second person that I chatted to expressed a degree of sadness or being overwhelmed about at least one thing in their lives.

The observation is that it’s not major, life-changing decisions or events that appear to be causing this angst.
It’s the everyday situations.
Everyday interactions.
Everyday meetings.
Everyday email exchanges.
Everyday telephone calls.

If you stumbled upon this post and find yourself in the same boat, I’d like to encourage you.
From this moment, be reminded… know that YOU are incredible. Did you hear that?

You are an incredibly, amazing individual whose unique traits and place in this world should never be clouded by any circumstance or another individual. You’ve heard this a million times but keep in mind that that crude, unmannerly, narcissistic person’s actions/behavior speaks volumes about them and not you. All you can do is forgive them, pray for them and let them be on their way and right out of your space…

Now go out there and with every ounce of determination, conviction and zest… and stay true to YOU.
Don’t for one second stop spreading love, hope and compassion that you are meant to share with this world.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx