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I woke up feeling very emo. Not sad. Rather more thankful.

With another birthday just hours away I’m deeply grateful for the gift of life; and God’s grace showered upon me daily.

I jotted down a few things – that have shaped my journey – in my Gratitude Journal earlier and thought I’d share a few with you.

* Parents – need I say more

* Brother & sister – for keeping me grounded, the fights, laughs and memories over the years

* Cousins – they are an extension of my siblings

* Friends – for letting me be me and creating a safety net when I need it

* Nature – whether it’s soaking up the sun, feeling rain drops on my cheeks or the wind blowing through my hair

* Courage – to walk away from toxic situations & people

* Hindsight – go figure!

* Hugs – whether it’s to express appreciation or a sign of comfort and support

* Voice notes – from the special, little people in my space especially Eli and Leah

* Flowers – to remind that it’s really all about the simple things in life… that’s what makes me happy

* Chocolate – because… which woman can live without these comforting cubes?

* Books – when I need to escape nothing comes close to turning the pages of a good read

* Heartache – you haven’t lived till you’ve had your heart smashed into splinters and then for time to heal and make you whole again

* The future – I know this next chapter of my life is going to make everything else pale in comparison. That what God has in store for me no eye has seen or ear heard…

For every single moment I get to open my eyes & am blessed to declare that I’m ALIVE, my heart flows with gratitude.

P.S my birthday wish is: that YOU will live authentically & find fulfillment in every experience.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous & favoured xxx

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