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This is just a little reminder that as you continue to walk into your season of overflow (there’s no looking back – roger that!)… that patience is key.

When life happens, you may well be tempted to do things differently… and your mind might give you 1000 000 reasons to justify something that’s not part of the Divine plan.


Resist the urge to deviate from this path or, act impulsively.

Find refuge in worship/ quiet time with the Father. Some of my favourites include: Don Moen (Be Magnified), Israel Houghton (Overflow), Vashawn Mitchell (Nobody Greater), Tamela Mann (Take it to the King)…

If you stumbled upoon this page then I’d like to encourage you:

You are on the final home stretch… can you see the finish line and the chorus of angels cheering?!

Your breakthrough is closer than you think.

Stand firm.

Oh wonderful person reading this, please know that the complete and utter joy that will fill your days once you’ve learnt, accepted and are willing to live through the lessons from your wilderness, is beyond anything that you could possibly imagine.

No matter how daunting the trials may appear it’s not over till God has the last word.

Keep your eyes on the Cross… expect only great things and as you continue to mature in the Lord, know that not only are you guaranteed of victory… but He will also give you the wisdom and strategy to take the next step.

Stay fabulous and favoured x