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In less than a month’s time, Eli, turns 3.
I remember the morning his mum went to the hospital like it was just yesterday.

I also remember vividly getting to the hospital first and my brother reminding me that I’m not giving birth, I need to “chill”.

That’s how excited I was to meet this little person…
And boy oh boy did he turn my world upside down – from day one.

You see, unless you’ve experienced it you’ll never know what an extraordinary bond with your nephew feels like.

Eli is my world.
I love him as though he were my own.

And inasmuch as I am one of the doting figures in his life, I’m just as much a disciplinarian. I’m a stickler for manners – children and adults alike.

Like, he knows all too well that I can smother him with love, hugs and kisses  but when the need arises I can also give him that stern look which says “Be good Eli, be good”.

On the days (like today) when I miss him terribly, his mum makes him send me a voice note and then all is well with the world again.
It’s usually along the lines of:
“Hello Gaynor
I miss you Gaynor
I love you Gaynor
See you soon…”

And as I sit here typing it’s as though I can hear that precious voice…

**tears begin to sting**

I’m counting the days till I get to see him.
I can’t wait for those small yet sincere, warm hugs that fill me with pure joy.
Or, to watch him out of the blue raise his arms and break out in worship (he sings his own words, it’s the cutest thing ever).

Better still is when he clasps his hands in prayer and then utters a few words with a loud Amen at the end. My favourite is when he realises that he’s been naughty then places his tiny hand on top of his head or on his heart and says “peace”.

I truly am blessed to have this little treasure in my life.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous and favoured x

 elijeep elichair