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Over the last few weeks I got to bond with precious Eli; and all I can say is that it’s been an experience second to none.

At 2 ½ he is a bundle of energy and has a mind of his own. Not to mention the pure joy he pours out on those around him.

My heart actually smiles just thinking about and typing this…

Eli personifies determination. If he wants to do something then nothing and no-one can stand in his way or change his mind. And that includes jumping on the trampoline at the crack of dawn.

I enjoy my time with him so much that on days when I miss him (like today) I can almost hear him imitate his nanny, who says “be good, Eli, be good”. Or, when he lays his tiny hand on his head and says “peace”.

There are a few things that I learnt from Eli:

Everyone is special: the care and admiration in his eyes is beyond words. That child-like innocence; you know that look that sees everyone as being special and an important part of their life. Yes. That look.

Be in the moment: whether it’s playing outside, drawing or eating a sweet, you can see that he is enjoying every second of that experience.

Be happy: in the time that I’ve known Eli, I can count the times he’s been grumpy. Now, if only I could wake up with a big, bright smile each morning.

Be fearless: adults can learn a thing or two from kids about being carefree. These little beings have no doubts, fears or self-imposed limitations.

Love unconditionally: the random hugs, “I love you G” or playful tricks of his – with no expectation of this being reciprocated are enough to warm any heart.

The only limitation is your imagination: his brain is like a sponge and from the thread of our conversations it’s not hard to see that he has a vivid imagination.

Children are indeed a priceless gift from God.
The love, warmth and pure joy that radiates through their existence is something that should be cherished.
I hope that from this day onwards you will stop to appreciate and give thanks for the little people in your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous and favoured xxx