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Someone shared this and I couldn’t resist passing it on:

“A true test of good character is when we can maintain peace in the face of those who are rude, offensive and lack in basic morals & conduct.”

These words ring true.
I have found myself either biting my tongue, walking away from a situation or turning up the volume of my music over the last few weeks.

It’s been a test. Sjoe!

The reality is that some individuals, especially the unhappy ones, will try their tricks to steal your peace.

Don’t. Give. Them. The. Satisfaction.

Pray for them.
Release them.
Set and keep the boundaries in place.
Then… continue along your purpose-driven way.

If our journey was all chocolate and cupcakes we wouldn’t really learn and grow. Would we?

I believe we’ve all been equipped with certain fundamentals, so that when these character-building tests crop up, we are adequately prepared to make informed choices.

I hope you have a peaceful and blessed Sunday.

Stay fabulous and favoured x