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One of my very dear friends sent me a text: “I noticed you haven’t posted a blog for a while now – what’s the deal? No excuses.”


The truth is I’ve been working round the clock so any “free time” I have is spent either catching a nap or thinking about… Shanghai. Yes, you read right. I might be based in South Africa but my heart is in Shanghai.
Now that’s a topic for another time.

In my last post I mentioned that the last few weeks were somewhat challenging (with amazing revelations) and there were lessons to be shared. In no particular order, allow me to encourage you:

* If your life is centred on God you shall stand the test of time. Why? Because when you are at your weakest His grace sustains you.

* The way someone chooses to react to you or the way you conduct yourself is not about you.

* People will talk, let them… the ones assigned to your inner circle and who know your worth/ value don’t entertain those assertions.

* You don’t have to sell your soul to be part of the popular clique – this is not high school. Your authenticity sets you apart.

* There may be times you feel as though you are standing alone (cue: Celine Dion’s All by Myself…) stand anyhow. Separation is vital as you evolve.

* There are times it feels like the curveballs are coming at you every minute of every day. You will survive.

* Don’t hold into something or someone longer than you should. Once the purpose has been served let it/ them go…

* Stop. Reflect. Refocus.

And while on the point of focus, if you visit this page then you know that I’m a big fan of perspective. I was fortunate to cross paths with a gentleman called Willem; of all the places it was on the streets of Twitter.

Talk about inspiring and offering a different perspective… during our exchange I realised that no matter how busy I am, it should not take me away from the thing I love most… writing.

You can find out more about Willem:

And so wonderful person reading this, take this this thing we call LIFE in your stride. Make time for your passion and as you edge closer to your Divine purpose, your heart will swell with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude.

Stay favoured and fabulous x