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There’s an advert where a child asks her grandmother: “What did you do for fun?” And the grandmother responds: “We cooked and baked.”

I always imagine what my response would be if I was ever asked that question…

I’d probably offer two words: I write.

It’s true. I write when I’m happy. I write when I’m sad. I write when I think I’ve got the best story to share. A large chunk of my work involves writing or playing with words as I like to say. Yes, I call it playing with words because it’s such fun.

I was actually thinking about how I ended up in the writing world… I mean I once wanted to be a nun. I kid you not. When I realised that I’m not convent material, I then thought about being a social worker… I thought I could save the world. Sigh.

Only heaven knows how I ended up writing for a living. Not that I’m complaining. I quite enjoy what I do; except for the times when writer’s block kicks in.

So what is it about writing that I love so much?

And go….

When I write, it allows me to:

· Talk – if there was an award for someone who talks up a storm, I’d get it.
· Be authentic
· Share experiences
· Share thoughts
· Share lessons – the good and the not so good.
· Help others – directly or indirectly
· Learn more about myself
· Learn about what makes others tick
· Experience a sense of fulfillment that words cannot explain
· Experience a sense of freedom that comes with allowing your thoughts to rain down
· Experience the excitement that comes with seeing a simple sentence grow
· Find different ways of saying something
· Interact with others
· Learn from these interactions
· Feel like I can connect with complete strangers
· Take a trip down memory lane
· Smile at the recollection of a moment
· Cry and let go of situations/people
· Evolve… move closer to my purpose

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay favoured & fabulous x