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cropped-buster-in-fallBy its simplest definition, “kindness” is just a synonym for friendliness and I like to believe that I am a friendly and therefore “kind” person (also funny, lovable, uber-smart and modest).  

I have been known to help little old ladies shove grocery carts across parking lots and I almost always offer up a sympathetic smile to parents wrestling with crying toddlers.   But I recently came to notice that my kindness has a certain ‘shallow’ quality to it that is not flattering.  You know what little old ladies and crying toddlers have in common? Cuteness.

Apparently my willingness to offer up kindness may be in direct proportion to the cuteness level of the recipient.

Homeless girl strumming guitar and sitting with cute dog will definitely get a smile and a couple of bucks but [] homeless guy … I’m more inclined to start looking up at the clouds or out into traffic until I am well past him.

If you want to really learn about true self, may…

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