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Since my last post so much has happened. Some days felt like I was riding a roller-coaster ride that had no brakes and other times it was pure bliss.

With hindsight it’s safe to say that even the uneasy, unpleasant times offered me a nudge in the right direction. I now have a much better understanding of people coming into our lives for a reason, season and lifetime. I’ve also found peace in the fact that when a season is up and a person has fulfilled his/her role in your story that it’s okay to let them go. The trouble starts when we try to hold on longer than we ought to.

And so as I sit here typing, I can safely say that, I’ve made peace with the fact that some people will not continue to journey with me in 2015.

I’ve never been so excited about the thought of starting a new year. I’m not one of those resolution-making types; I’m more about evolving authentically one moment at a time. The more we edge closer to 2015 the more humbled I am about what God has in store. No eye has seen, no ear has heard…

Only now (finally, the penny dropped) I understand how vital it is to embrace the fact that the journey is not about me; that there’s a reason to the pain/pleasure and I can’t wish away my Divine purpose.

The one important reminder from this past week is that when you allow God to have His way the rewards and learnings are beyond measure… TGBTG!

So, wherever you are and whatever you are facing, know that ultimately all things work together for your good. Even when it feels like you’re caught up in a storm that’s not letting up, remember the One who holds you in the palm of His hand is greater… and has the final say.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay fabulous and favoured x