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I’ve been doing loads of introspection of late. In this fast-paced, diary-driven world, quiet time is essential.

I find that if I don’t make a conscious effort to shut off and out, it’s so easy to drown in the noise and pessimism. As an ardent proponent of the gratitude brigade, I got thinking about the things (in no particular order) that make my days more sunshine than gray skies…

· The grace of God – where would I be without salvation?!
· My parents – for the love, values and firm foundation in life
· My siblings – for the unconditional love, support and goofy times
· Family gatherings – the love, laughter and inevitable “drama”
· Purpose – knowing what I need to do and where I’m heading
· Friends – pure joy that should be bottled
· Mentors – makes learning and growing such a treat
· Challenges – the pain is what propels me to keep moving
· Books – I love losing myself in stories that offer perspective and insight
· Writing – how many get to play with words for a living
· Chocolate – need I say more?!
· Chocolate cake and fresh cream
· Peppermint tart
· Sleep – nothing beats a good night’s rest
· The smell of freshly cut grass
· The smell of mac & cheese or bread, fresh out of the oven
· Toasted cheese sarmies
· Sunday newspapers
· Mr Delivery for those lazy pj days
· Sweatpants and “home” T-shirts
· Long weekends
· Sunrises
· Sunsets
· Old movies – Casablanca, Gone with the Wind and the like
· Re-runs of Friends, Greys Anatomy, The Fixer

I think the one thing that I treasure the most is my “sisters” from another mother who know me better than anyone; and still love me just the way I am (*cue Billy Joel’s Don’t Go Changing). These “sisters” keep me grounded, give me strength when it’s needed most and generally keep it real.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stay favoured and fabulous x